Hi I'm Ilona

I'm a fullstack software developer with a background in film and media studies and a lover of all things code, art, and education.

I am also the Co-president and Co-Founder of the Progressive HackNight, a Software Engineer at Etsy, and an Alum of the Recurse Center.

Here's some of my work:

Spilt Milk was my senior project for my Oberlin College Cinema Studies major.

It's a comedy of miscommunications that uses visual metaphors to bring to light the ways that the characters are speaking right past each other. It's a film about the act of explaining without listening and about the non-verbal ways that we express ourselves to the people we care about.

Leap of Faith was my high school senior film project that played at multiple film festivals around the country.

The film is a whimsical trip through the beginnings of a first relationship. This project was my first exposure to mixed media motion graphics. The film itself was shot on 16mm color film and all of the animated elements were hand-drawn on a tablet.

This animation was designed for the homepage of a Project Muses's website.

Project Muses was a non-profit working to get off the ground aiming to provide a platform for musicians to crowd source funds from donors for music instruments and lessons.

I worked with designer Jacob Gilbert who had designed brand assets for the project to bring his color palettes and logos to life. Sam (the lead in the video) was based off of the logo seen at the end and the rest of the world and art style was built around him.

Powerpoint was a final for a mixed media studies class I took my senior year of college.

In the video, shapes haphazardly orbit around a drill. The shapes are designed to fit together, and yet they consistently narrowly miss alignment until one very brief moment that leads to them separating once again.

I wanted to create a small self-contained system with a set of objectives and rules with this project. I also wanted to play with the counterpoint of the mechanized modernized world and they playful world of shape and form. Both object types are highly contrasted texturally but both have roots in math and structural thinking.

The piece is called Powerpoint as a way of poking fun at what projected presentations can be. Instead of a standard powerpoint presentation that is meant to convey information, Powerpoint is meant to sit in the background and provide nothing of substance to the viewer.

If anything, it's a little dissatisfying since the most pleasing moment of alignment in the clip happens very briefly before undoing itself and moving backwards.

The Macaroni Project was a web series developed by Eater.com that challenged professional chefs to create an original dish using macaroni as the key ingredient.

I made this motion graphic while interning with Eater's video team to use as an intro to the videos in the series.

This motion graphic was commissioned by a professor in the Oberlin Cinema Studies department to be the title text for a documentary on a program called Oasis that the department was piloting that year.

Oasis was an interdisciplinary program meant for artists to collaborate on one large theater piece. The overarching theme of the program was "water" and thus the graphic stays short and sweet while still capturing a liquid texture.